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 The Monterey County One-Stop Career Centers are here to provide assistance to employers and job seekers by offering an array of employment related services. These services are provided through CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES), the Office for Employment Training (OET), and the Employment Development Department (EDD) at three One-Stop Career Centers located in Salinas, King City, and Seaside.
CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES)

CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES)

Welcome to CWES! CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES) Staff is here to work together with families participating in employment related activities. Think of us as your personal assistant, coach, mentor, and tour guide to the many benefits of participating in CalWORKs. Nothing is more important to us than the success of you and your family. To that goal we offer the highest quality Employment Services designed to ensure that you are well prepared for the exciting adventure of employment. Employment Services include:
- Education and Job Training Services
- Referrals to Community Services
- Ongoing Employment Goals Coaching
We also offer Supportive Services which allow you to focus on your employment goals without having to worry about the day to day challenges that can get in the way. Supportive Services are provided to assist with many of the most common costs incurred while working toward employment. Supportive Services include:
- Child Care
- Transportation
- Work Related Education and Training Expenses such as Uniforms, Books, Licenses and Fees
Of course you may have needs beyond training and costs that must be met before considering employment. Our highly trained and professional staff is qualified to make referrals to other community services that you may also be interested in. Access to behavioral health, domestic abuse and substance abuse professionals can easily be arranged at no cost to you.
At CWES, our mission is to meet your family goals through: employment, training and education. We use resourceful teamwork and effective community partnerships to ensure you are successful every step of the way. If you have any questions or would like more information please don’t hesitate to call us:
Salinas One-Stop 831-755-4452

King City One-Stop 831-386-6801

Seaside One-Stop 831-899-8250

Toll Free 1-800-870-4750


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